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What is Be My Friend?


Be My Friend is a pop-up event presented by Paper Cut, taking place in Newcastle's CBD during January 2015. It is a fun and interactive performance event that is designed to be experienced by three participants at a time. The premise of the event is that each set of partiicpants will compete in a series of simple and silly games in order to go in the running to be crowned Paper Cut's new "best friend".


We have designed this event to help us collect stories, experiences and opinions from others that we might use as source material in the development of out next major production, Hello Stranger. Hello Stranger is a new performance work we are creating using found text and documentary theatre techniques. For this, we will use the actual words of real people to create the dialogue in our performance.


We are specifically looking to collect snippets of stories from real people about their own connections with strangers. So, through your participation in Be My Friend you will have the opportunity to share some of your own experiences with us.

Why is my participation recorded?


Inside the Be My Friend tent we will be recording all of the participants in video and audio. This is strictly for our own documentation and research purposes and the footage will never be released publicly. We are recording your participation so that we can review each of the sessions later and collect the stories and experiences that were shared for use in our theatre-making process. This will involve us watching/listening to the footage and transcribing the words spoken by participants.


If we end up using some of your words in creating our new performance work Hello, Stranger, this use will be anonymous. That means that we will never identify the original speaker of the words (that's you!).

What will you do with the things I say during Be My Friend?


Some of your words spoken during Be My Friend may be borrowed and used in the creation of our new performance work Hello, Stranger. We create new theatre work through the use of documentary techniques, collecting text through research and interviews and then cutting and pasting it together to tell a story. We will likely borrow from many different people and create a collage of their different experiences and ideas to present a picture of what it is like to connect with strangers.


As mentioned previously, if we use any of your words in the creation of Hello, Stranger this will be done so anonymously.

I've got so many stories! How can I share them with you?


Make sure you register to participate! But if you come along and don't have enough time to tell us all of your amazing tales, feel free to email us or post a story on our Facebook page. We'd love to hear from you!

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