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'Spent' Development - Day 1

Day One and we are very happy to be back in the rehearsal room together. We have a feeling we’re going to go through a lot of butcher’s paper!

We did some serious planning – sending emails, organising schedules and all of those very important jobs, and we revisited the feedback from the Crack Theatre showing of Spent. That feedback is so valuable. It really helps us in deciding which directions to go in next, so thank you to everyone who came and contributed.

We also met with our animator Alex Ball. We’ve never worked with animation before, so it’s very exciting to start imagining how it can be integrated into and support the work. We can’t wait to see how Alex’s ideas start to come together.

And as if we hadn’t had enough shopping talk, our day ended with an impromptu group excursion to the supermarket. We got in the way of other shoppers trying to take photos and Sarah accidentally knocked some apples over.

Looking forward to Day Two!

#papercut #spent #theatre #performance

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