'Spent' Development - Day 2

Day Two began with a 90's stretching party (we're mysterious girls, you know), and then got a bit violent. Lucy practiced tripping Sarah and kicking Tamara, Sarah practiced leaping over Lucy, and Tamara practiced falling over.

We also experimented with sketches for the Spent soundtrack from our sound artist Huw Jones (Fox Control). We’re really looking forward to meeting with him later in the week. It’s sounding excellent already.

After going through the feedback yesterday, we also spent some time doing research in response to the comments about our Crack Theatre Festival showing of Spent. Here’s an example.

We ended the day getting silly exploring the most inappropriate things you could do in a supermarket, and discussing tampons vs. chicken wingettes vs. personal lubricant.

After all of that excitement we had to treat ourselves to a little DIY pampering.

All refreshed and ready to go for tomorrow!

#papercut #performance #theatre #spent

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