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CAT charms the whiskers off Newcastle audiences!

After 18 months of hard work we finally got to share our brand new work 'No One Cares About Your Cat' with Newcastle last week, And what a response we had!

Local theatre goers said the work was:

"Contemporary. Relevant. Funny. Touching. Brilliant performances. Technically amazing. The kind of theatre we need more of."

".... engaging and innovative but substantial and uplifting. My favourite thing I've seen all year."

"Technically outstanding and a truly important and thought provoking performance."

"Intelligent. Relevant. Original. Completely devoid of ego. I loved it."

"Honest. Endearing. Captivating."

" of the best original productions I have seen in the playhouse"

As if that wasn't exciting enough we are now packing our bags ready to head off to Sydney next week for a season at ATYP Studio 1 at the Wharf! 'No On Cares About Your Cat' is playing Wed 30th Sept - Saturday 3 Oct at 7pm nightly. Maybe we'll see you there for a sneaky post-show selfie like this one!

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