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(Half) a Month in the Country

In October we spent 2 weeks working on Hello, Stranger in this lovely farmhouse in Albury as part of Hot House Theatre’s A Month in the Country residency program.

We spent the time further exploring the wonderful stories shared with us during Be My Friend, asking lots of questions about the nature of strangeness and our relationship to it, getting physical with counter-balances, and practicing our very best manspreading.

As part of the residency we also ran a collaborative devising workshop with the years 4 & 5 students at the Beechworth Montessori School and were blown away by their imagination and enthusiasm.

In the second week we jumped in our trusty station wagon Dusty to pick up our sound designer Huw Jones from the airport and headed straight to the Reject Shop to pick up some noise-making bits and bobs.

Huw also came equipped with some more professional gear and spent his time capturing field recordings and composing some incredible music. Here's a little preview of things to come:

While we were in Albury we also visited the seriously impressive Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA) and were particularly taken with the pink snails that mysteriously moved places in park overnight.

We also went for lots of walks, made lovely dinners for each other, drank a thousand cups of tea and coffee (shout out to the Early Bird and River Deck cafes), and saw so many animals – ducks, swans, fairy wrens, cows, wallabies and even a turtle!

We are so grateful to Hothouse for providing us with such a valuable opportunity to dedicate this time and space to Hello, Stranger and we can’t wait to share all our hard work with you in February 2016!

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