Not your average stroll down the aisle...

Inspired by the text found on discarded grocery receipts, Spent is a playful and incisive examination of contemporary consumer culture.


Combining documentary and physical theatre techniques, Spent drags the shared experience of grocery shopping from under the fluoros into an entirely different light.


It is an elevation of the mundane, an exploration of the relationship between choice and identity, and asks the question: what could we, as shoppers, find if we only looked a little bit closer.


Production Season:


April 23- May 3 2014.


Level 2, The Store, 854 Hunter Street, Newcastle West





Devisers/Performers: Sarah Coffee, Tamara Gazzard and Lucy Shepherd.

Sound Designer/Composer: Huw Jones (Fox Control)

Animator: Alex Ball

Lighting Designer: Lyndon Buckley

Stage Manager: Hope Atkins

A development showing of Spent was presented as part of Crack Theatre Festival in Newcastle, October 3-6 2013.


This project was supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW.

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Photographer: Tahnee McWhirter